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Chasson Randle Launches Clothing Line, Volhard

Chasson Randle Launches Clothing Line, Volhard

October 16, 2020

Chasson Randle cemented himself in the Bay Area record books as Stanford men’s basketball all-time leading scorer, finishing his Cardinal career with 2,375 points. From Illinois Mr. Basketball to a 2018 EuroLeague Champion, Randle has made his presence felt around the world thanks to the game of basketball. But now he’s got something else in store. 

Since his high school days in Rock Island, Illinois, Randle and his friends always used to talk about one day launching a clothing brand. The idea of designing t-shirts particularly excited them, but he never thought much of it until playing abroad for the past few years. When overseas in Europe, Randle learned as much as possible about the fashion industry in his spare time, and the idea started trickling in. After playing for Madrid in 2018, Randle put his ideas into action. He finally felt like he had the capital and knowledge of the industry to launch a clothing line.

Fast forward two years later, and in 2020, his clothing line, Randle launched his fashion line, Volhard. Volhard means perseverance in both Afrikaans and Dutch, and is something he’s held near and dear to his heart for a while. Accolades aside, Randle has grinded for every opportunity in pro basketball, having made an impact on nine teams throughout the world in just five years. He knows what it’s like to keep pushing for his goals, and remains locked in regardless of what obstacles come in his way. Such emotion channeled itself into Volhard’s mission statement which reads, “As a brand, we represent sharp strength, fearless edginess, and stylish elegance. Volhard aims to push its way to the forefront of progressive luxury streetwear.” 

Volhard has officially launched its Fall and Winter line, as well as the Victors campaign, and along with stunning pieces, their marketing on social media is quite fierce in its own right. With that said, Randle is just dipping his toe in the fashion industry and can’t wait to learn more.

“My favorite part about this is the learning process, just learning about a new industry, the different styles, cuts, and also having the opportunity to put the product out there and see how people perceive it,” Randle said after a workout at UPB. 

He’s just getting to see the fruit of his labor, while still working out and staying in shape, and is excited for the future of Volhard, and furthermore the intersection of the NBA and fashion.

“You think about athletes and their influence on the rest of the world, and culture, and brands recognize that,” Randle said.

Follow Volhard on Instagram @volhardco and head to their website.