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Online Skills Group Training

Skills Training via Zoom 

Once you have purchased this class use the url on MindBody to join the Zoom meeting.

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Coaches will run you through ball handling and shooting drills in this one hour class. You will need a ball, a hoop (suggested) and access to Zoom for this class. Need help joining the class? Email

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Online Private Training

Sign up for private training with Coach Packie. He will lead you through an online workout live via Zoom.

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Shot Analysis with Coach Packie

Complete the UPBasketball shot analysis workout on HomeCourt and get direct feedback from Coach Packie. Once you purchase the shot analysis program you will complete the shooting workout and record it on HomeCourt. Once it is done, contact coach Packie and he will review it and send you his notes along with steps on how to improve your shot.

Step 1: Now that you’ve purchased the Shot Analysis with Coach Packie, please set up HomeCourt. Coach Packie will email you the workout within 12 hrs of your purchase.

Step 2: Now that you’ve completed the workout, make sure your iPhone or iPad is connected to Wifi and the workout can upload so Coach Packie can review it. Email Coach Packie and cc: Coach Ruta with your name (as shown in HomeCourt) and that you’ve completed the workout. If there is anything specific shooting wise you are concerned about, make that comment in the email as well so Coach Packie knows to keep his eye out for it. Please provide a cell phone, video analysis might not go through via email and Coach Packie will send clips with notes via text if it's too large for the email.

Step 3: You will receive an email/text from Coach Packie after he has reviewed your workout with feedback, notes, praise and next steps to keep improving your shot.

Step 4: Keep working: the only way to truly get better is to put the work in, we will be here for you every step of the way if you would like it or need it.


Guided Workouts

Have Coach Packie put you though a virtual workout using a series of videos. You will receive a workout aimed at challenging you and improving your skills.

Ball Handling Focus: Coach Packie will create a Ball Handling centered workout for you. You will work on your handle stationary, on the move and off the bounce.  

Shooting Focus: Coach Packie will create a shooting centered workout for you. 

Finishing Around the Basket/ At the Rim Focus: Coach Packie will create a workout based around finishing at the basket and the various ways/ skills you need to do so at a high level.

Balanced Workout: Coach Packie will create a workout with a mixture of ball handling, shooting and finishing.

Step 1: Purchase one of the Guided Workouts and email Coach Packie (packie@upbtraining) the phone number he can use to contact you. Video files may be too big and Coach Packie wants it to be instructional and give notes to the athletes.

Step 2: Coach Packie will do his best to send you the videos for your Guided Workout ASAP schedule permitting. It may take up to 24 hours to receive your Guided Workout.

Step 3: Enjoy your Guided Workout! Coach Packie recommends you complete it multiple times to truly raise your game. You don’t need anyone else to get where you want to, you can truly work on your game all by yourself. We are here to assist and accompany you on this journey and help you become the player you’d like to become. Thank you!